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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stormtroopers at Work: Music Break!

We have another Stormtroopers at work photo!

Here is what Polo field has to say!

Hello Penguins,
Music break! Everyone got their Star Wars™ Takeover captions ready?

- Club Penguin Team

Go Nuts on your Captions Guys!


Friday, July 19, 2013

New Club Penguin igloo Catalog Cheats! July 2013!

Guess what time it is? 

(The sparkles are where the cheat is)

Cheat Time!

Now for the cheats themselves!

Step 1. Go to your igloo

Step 2. Open to igloo catalog

Step 3. Click on the top right circle in the Penthouse igloo!

You now have the Snowglobe Igloo!

Step 4.  Click on the third window in the Warehouse!

You now have the Estate Igloo!

Step 5. Click on the windows of the Dragon's Lair!

You now have the Shadowy Keep Igloo!

Step 6. Click on the door of the Deluxe snow igloo!

You now have the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!

That's all the cheats for now!


Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats!

 Since The new catalogs are out, it is CHEAT TIME! :D
Where the sparkles are is where the cheat is!

Step 1. Go to your igloo.

Step 2. Open the Catalog!

Step 3. Click on the circle of the Death Star!

You now have a long security laser!

Step 4. Click on the Rebel logo on the rug!

You now have a short security laser!

That's all the cheats for this month!


New Club Penguin Music!

Now that the new igloo stuffs  are out, I figured I would show you what is new!

As you can see, Club Penguin has added "Cantina Band", "Star Wars Theme", "The Imperial March", "The Throne Room", "Death Star Ambience", and Tatooine Ambience"!

That's it for zeh music!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Death Star Looms Closer!

       This Just in! The Death start is coming even closer to Club Penguin! I have done research from the Club Penguin times, and here is what i saw!

And as you can see here! It IS closer!

Until then, we shooooould be helping the Millenium Falcon to land but we all know the pizza parlor is where it is at! (Just Kidding :P)

G sent us a message saying we should head to the dock to help with the preparations, so that means... Agents!  ASSEMBLE and go the dock to help!

That's it for now!


A HUGE Thank You!

   Just today, MegaCpStorm hit 50,000 total views! That is insane and when I started off, nobody ever visited my blog. I want to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who have visited my blog, and let's shoot for more! Running this blog has been extremely fun for me to do, as blogging is fun, I love trying to make the website the best it can be, and I love meeting new people like Je45rry and Stan1ley! Blogging has been an amazing experience for me and I hope me can continue to get farther in the future! 


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reviewed by You: Parties

Last week's Reviewed by You was about pet jokes! Let's hear what Polo Field had to say!

Hello Penguins!
I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"
Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!

Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

MY favorite party of all time was by far the Music Jam 2011. The Music James were my favorite kind of parties, but then they introduced so many new instruments compared to the Music Jam 2010.  
But yeah, what do you guys think, leave a comment down below! I would love to hear your answers!


Stormtroopers at Work - Coffee Break

Club Penguin lately has been releasing snapshots of Stormtroopers at work doing stuff for the Star Wars takeover coming to Club Penguin July 25. Today, they are on a... COFFEE BREAK!

This is a message from Polo Field: 
*Yawn* Time for a coffee break... and another photo to caption!

Write your caption suggestion in the comments below!

-Club Penguin Team

Soooo Yeah. They are now on a coffee break. Aaaand thats about it. 


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Underwater Room Snowball Glitch!

     You see, when in the underwater room, when you throw a snowball, it turns into an air bubble.

WHAAAAAAT? Or at least they are supposed to. As you can clearly see with all of the snowballs here, that isn't happening. It isn't tooooo big of a deal, but I figured it was worth pointing out.


Site Updates!

         Yes, If you look around, you will see that we now have a shiiiny new template to play around with, along with new music. Since, i am getting back into this site, I am trying to make everything better than before! This template is one i have always wanted and the old music got, well.... old. I maaaay try  and continue the comics, but we'll see how that goes because I have no artistic talent whatsoever. But, until then,



Monday, July 15, 2013

In Focus: History of the EPF

 It has been a while since I have done an In Focus,but what this is, is I explain things in club Penguin that I feel not many penguins know about. Today, I am writing about the history of the EPF, which currently is the spy agency currently secretly sitting in the Everyday Phoning Facility.

The Start:

        The EPF originally was limited strictly to the Nintendo DS games that Club Penguin created. The first of the two being about The Ultimate Protobot which has now cause a ruckus on the actual island, creating the Destructobot in the 2012 Marvel Superhero takeover. The player was recruited by the EPF, which until the next DS game, Herbert's Revenge, came out, was silent.

The Public:  After, Herbert's Revenge, the EPF was just left until the PSA Mission 11 came out, where the EPF came out of hiding when Herbert was about to blow up the Sport Shop with Popcorn.

Now: Ever since the incident with popcorn, the EPF has been the main Intelligence agency on the island. The PSA was decomissioned as the EPF needed to step up in it's role.

Thanks again for reading this guys! It means a lot!


UK Penguins: Club Penguin Moderation Class!

That's right! If you play Club Penguin, and you live in the UK, and you want to be a Club Penguin Moderator, and you REALLY want to be a Club Penguin moderator THEN THIS IS THE CONTEST FOR YOU!!!! Here, let's let Daffodaily5 explain this: Hiya! As you know, we’ve got a huge team of trained moderators all around the world, helping to keep Club Penguin safe. Our support team also receives a load of emails from you guys asking to come and visit one of our offices, to learn more about what it takes to be a CP moderator. Well I’m excited to say, as part of Aim High, we’re offering the chance for 5 UK players to win a day trip to our office in Brighton on 31st July, where they'll get a unique opportunity to meet the CP team and take part in a Moderation Master Class! Pretty epic, eh?
 If you’re in the UK and that sounds like something you’d be interested in, please ask your parents to enter for the chance to win. Details of how your parents can enter can be found here: Aim High Competition T&Cs The closing date is Monday 22nd July at 9am (UK time), so if you want to enter you better be quick! Good luck! :) Byeee! Good jop Daffodaily5! (Came straight from the Club Penguin Website. All I did was paste) So again if you want to be a Club Penguin Moderator, enter this contest and become a moderator!


New IPad Exclusive!

If you have not heard, there is an app availibe on the Apple iPad (ever heard of it?) that lets you do things from customize your oenguin on the go to buying exclusive things from an exclusive iPad catalog. One of thoe things is a Star Wars Boba Fett costume! I am very excited for this, am being a member of CP since 2009 I can't WAIT for this Star Wars party! Stay tuned for cheats on the Party when it starts on July 25!


Welcome Back!

Hey Guys!

JT here! Now, I know I have said this many times, but i am back, am again, will try to start posting again. I will try to post at least once a day and maybe give updates on what goes on! I have really been getting back into CP lately, and figured why not kick start this blog up again! So as Toad would say,

Waddle Om!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beta Games Preview

Fun things are afoot in Club Penguin.
If you're an EPF agent, you have the opportunity to "test" some new games currently in the works. It's up to you to decide which ones will live to see the light of day, and which ones just don't make the cut.

Puffle Hat Ideas
Not really a game, but I figured it was cute enough to mention! Pretty soon we'll be able to buy HATS for our puffles. I've got my fingers crossed that they'll include mustaches in the future.

This is actually a really cool idea. You have to get your puffle from one side of the level to the other. The catch is, you're not controlling the puffle. Using little bits and pieces of the environment, you have to make your own bridges and things to help your puffle cross gaps and other dangers.

I know this is late, but better now than never!

EPF Field OP Number 107!

               Alright guys! Field OP number 107 here and it's time for me to bring deh cheatz.

1. Go to the Command Room

 2. Walk up to the Field OPS center.
3. do this.

How, this field op is not doable as there is no field ops button, sooooo have fun!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Club Penguin Tile Updated! (Slightly)

Hey, guys! Im here with a small little update from the amazing land of................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Club Penguin!

You want to see it here I go.
Personally I find it rather, ubertastic! What do you guys think? -JT

Updates! (Oh, and Im back!)

Hey, guys! It's JT here with an update. I have not retired from the MEGACPSTORM website, and really hope to post more. However, it has grown hard for me to post because of school and homework and everything school does to a kid. Summary: I


try to post more. And thats a fact!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's not too colorful...
Its been long waited,
you might know it already,
but if you don't,
you've probably seen it below, it's....................................................................................................................................................


Over the next few months, CP will be working on it, and coming up with ways for us to unlock it.
So yea.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Party!

The title says it all! Yeah, get phsyched! Earth Day is such a worthy cause because we celebrate the planet we live in and show that we support aqainst climate change.

Here is a list of things you can do to celebrate!
1. Play outside!
2. Use only the water you need throughout the day!
3. Don't play video games.
4. Use as little lights and electricity as possible.

Goo to the town and get ur free hat!

Here is the snow forts!
Here you can pick up some awesome animal costumes and learn about animals that need help!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

April Fools Party is here!

Yup, thats right folks!
Yours truly is gonna show you around this party!

Here is the Town.
Here you can pick up your first free item!
The Blue Propeler Hat!

Here is the snow forts, where you go to enter the Box Dimension!
I wouldn't be a blogger if I left out the box dimension!
hEre there are Nine rooms to explore!

The middle one is for members.

Aaaaaand here is the members only room! Here you can grow or shrink, pick up the box costume and have fun! (pick up hat in cream soda dimension)

Final Comments:

I don't like this party :I It has gotten unwacky!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loading error (again)

Hey, guys! Unfortunatley, Club Penguin has been down a lot lately and not letting us play.
Here is what I'm talking about.


I was in the middle of filming for CPSTORMCAST and now I can't get on!


This is now fixed

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New CP "Best seat in the House" video!

Ok, a while back CP released this video on their blog, but not on youtube.
Since they have now put it on youtube there are a few new and


(hint hint hint)characters. And a certain ( deceipher the code below to figure it out)

16 15 12 1 18 2 5 1 18

Do you think that certain 16 15 12 1 18 2 5 1 18 will come out of hiding?


Monday, March 26, 2012

New UK Video Blog!

OK, so good news, UK fans! Everything about CP will be on sale at your toy stores every Thursday at 25% off!
They are even giving out free 7 day memberships!

Is it just me or has CP gotten a lot nicer lately?

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